Frequently Asked Questions

What is the going rate for Relief Managers

How long is a piece of string… there are so many variables… the type of work, the location, how busy the assignment will be… where the property is located… Please call us on 1300 972 947 to have a chat about the best rates for you.

Can we say no sometimes?

Absolutely – as an independent contractor you negotiate your terms with us – and one of the benefits of being a relief manager is the freedom to work whenever  and wherever you choose!

Does relief work lead to Permanent work?

Yes – it often does. It actually works out well as it gives both parties the opportunity “to try before you buy”. Some Relief Managers are not seeking permanent positions, while others are doing Relief work in between permanent appointments.

We take great pride in our relief managers being offered permanent roles on completion of their assignments. It means we, and you, are doing something right! We can help you navigate these contract negotiations to ensure you interests are being served.

Is accommodation provided?

In most cases yes… it might be in a designated managers residence or other onsite accommodation – and this is not charged.

In some cases on-site accommodation is not available and managers may be required to provide their own – usually a van or mobile home to be housed on-site during the assignment.

What about Fido and Bubbles our Cat.. Can we bring them with us?

Usually – Yes – pets can be accommodated. But make sure you let us know of your requirements in advance as there are number of properties, typically those in national parks or on crown lands where pets are not permitted, regardless of how old/well-behaved/small they might be.

Do we get time off?

Absolutely – although some assignments will require  working a number of consecutive days, for longer assignments ( typically 2-3 weeks or more) we factor in days-off to recharge the batteries.

Where are the jobs based

We have work for relief managers Australia wide

I’m on my own… are there opportunities for me?

The great majority of our assignments are for relief managers working as couples – but we do from time to time have opportunities for capable “singles” They generally need to have good all-around skills – to be equally competent  inside and outside. Feel free to contact our office to discuss your particular skill set.

Who do we talk to if we have any questions?

Please contact us here on 1300 972 947