Looking for Experience

How do we get experience If no one will give us an opportunity! If we only had a dollar for the amount of times we have nodded in agreement to this often-heard cry from wannabe managers.

Most of our relief teams are experienced in accommodation management having either run or owned and operated a property. However, we have occasionally placed couples without this experience. Some motel or park owners are happy to train people who have skills which could cross over into this business sector. 

We would recommend seeking work experience in a motel or caravan park and also learning one or two reservation systems – two of the most widely used systems are RMS and Newbook. There are also some Caravan Park Management courses which may be beneficial to you. In addition to TAFE-based courses, Free Spirit Resorts operate a training course in QLD and Belgravia Pro runs a 3-week course, also in QLD. See their websites for more information: https://www.freespiritresorts.com.au/training-school and  http://www.belgraviapro.com.au/