Why work with us

Joining the Caretakers Australia relief team has some distinct advantages over going it alone in the big scary world of independent contracting.

1 – You’re the Boss – you choose when you work, where you work, and set your own daily rate.

2 – You’re part of a Team – you get an EXCLUSIVE invitation to join our Friends of Caretaker Australia Facebook page and all the glorious opportunities and information that we provide through this medium.

3 – We do all the negotiations with the clients and scope out the job thoroughly before you even set foot on site.

4 – You never have to worry about getting paid… we pay you by Tusday every week that you work rain hail or shine. Our Book-keeper Naomi, is a machine… she never gets sick and she never takes holidays… she doesn’t observe Christian, Jewish or Jedi holy days. She just never misses a pay day!

5 – Your Safety is our Priority! Before every assignment, Caretakers Australia conducts a comprehensive Workplace Health and Safety Assessment of the property or park to make sure it is a safe work environment. Once you have commenced the assignment, we keep in touch with you and ensure you have settled in and are enjoying the assignment.

6 – So you don’t have your own Public Liability insurance? That’s no problem when you work for us! For a small fee, which can be deducted from your daily rate, you are covered by our policy.

7 – We can become  your Referees!  Do some good quality work for us, and with our recommendations just Watch your career take off.