Motels Permanent Staff

We source the best candidates from around Australia

Our extensive database of experienced candidates is our first port of call when recruiting for permanent positions. Diversifying our search to internet advertisement, social media and industry contacts enables us to obtain a shortlist of the most suitable candidates for our clients.

We are constantly sourcing and screening applicants via phone, zoom and face-to-face. Referees are thoroughly examined to get to the bottom of every story! Our clients are then presented with the most suitably skilled and experienced candidates.

Once an appointment has been made, we like to stay in touch. To ensure a smooth transition into the position we liaise with the new employee and the client until we are all best friends! A safety net in the form of a replacement guarantee provision can be built into our Business Terms and Conditions just in case the friendship doesn’t last as long as our clients would like. 

To ensure the process is affordable – We have two fee models for clients to choose from. 

To discuss these options in more detail email our office at [email protected] or phone Caretakers HQ at 1300 972 947